Welcome to POLYTEX - slovak producer of top quality plasters, paints and varnishes

The firm POLYTEX Ltd. was estabilished in 1990 in Zilina. We are specialized to produce ecologically safe painting materials. Our mission is to create high quality products that has been specially developed and refined to its best final features. This all is possible by use our own research and development lab. Therefore, we are able to offer a high assortment of products like water-based plasters, varnishes, antibacterial (anti-mold and anti-mildew) paints, thermal-insulating coats, and much more. Also, our clients, like interior designers or construction builders, are highly satisfied with all products that we offer.

POLYTEX Ltd. works with coordination with trustworthy primary products suppliers to ensure the quality of our final product. Our quality assurance system based on ISO 9001. According to this fact, all of our products are approved by Slovakian and European legislation. We also react fast on changing needs of today's market to provide our clients with innovative products.


Become an important producer of improved high quality painting materials that are ecologically friendly.
Continue on the research of new materials.
Always satisfy our clients' requirement on high quality product.
Give an emphasis to the professionalization of our employees.
Fix environmental issues caused by a modern lifestyle.
Become a well known company in countries of European Union.